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  • What is the philosophy of Hun Camp at The Hun School of Princeton?

    At Hun Camp, we focus on sharing our values of kindness, respect, cooperation and fun with each and every Hun Camper. From our innovative games, themed weeks, dining hall lunches, to our culminating talent show and sleepover, we provide a safe environment for campers to unleash their imagination, build lasting friendships, and capture memories that will last a lifetime. Our veteran staff of Hun faculty are assisted by aspiring educators, many of whom were campers themselves. Together, they give campers the ability to push their limits and gain new life skills through swimmings lessons, organized athletics, and exposure to 21st century education through the Hun Summer School. The result is a lifelong lasting Hun Camp community.
  • What should my child bring to Hun Camp?

    Here is what every camper needs to bring on their first day of Hun Camp:

    • Swimsuit
    • Pool towel
    • Sandals, flip flops, or swim shoes
    • Coverup or t-shirt to wear to swimming
    • Backpack or pool bag
    • Swim goggles (optional)
    • Any prescribed allergy medication, allergy action plan, or other medication that needs to be held with the counselor (i.e. epipen that must be in the original packaging in a ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name).  The Allergy Action Plan needs to be completed in advance through online registration along with the medical form and uploaded copies of the immunization record and physical.

    All campers will be assigned a locker to hold their personal items and receive a camp t-shirt on their first day.  

    **Sunscreen should be applied prior to camp.  Sunscreen is not needed for swimming since the pool is indoors.

    **Please leave all electronics at home including cell phones and ipods, Hun Camp is not responsible for lost, damaged or misplaced electronics. There is a phone at camp that can be used for local calls.
  • What are the dates of camp?

    Camp runs from June 26th - July 28th. Campers can enroll in any week or weeks that fit the family’s schedule.  The last day of camp, July 28th ends at 8:00 a.m. following the camp talent show and sleepover the night before.  There is no camp on Tuesday, July 4th or Friday, July 28th.  
  • What ages are the campers?

    Campers are between the ages of 5 - 13 and divided into groups based on age and gender. Campers that are thirteen are automatically enrolled in the Junior Counselor in Training Program (JCIT).  
  • How much does camp cost?

    One week tuition starts at $230 for half day and $460 for full day. There is a ten percent discount for returning campers, siblings, or if the camper enrolls before April 3, 2017.   Before Camp Care and After Camp Care are offered for an additional fee and the discounts also apply to these options. Please review the tuition chart on the Hun Camp main page for any discount campaigns that may be running. When using online registration the tuition will be seen under the child’s summary during the registration process.
  • Do you provide lunch?

    Yes, we offer hot lunch options in the dining hall. Campers can choose from a variety of choices. All campers eat with their camp group along with their counselor at 11:00 a.m. In addition to the hot lunch options, there are a variety of foods to choose from including a fresh salad bar and a cold cut and sandwich-making bar.   There is always fresh fruit and a variety of beverages.
  • What is a typical day of camp like?

    Though there is no typical day of camp at Hun Camp, you can count on your child having fun and making friends.  There are two activity periods in the morning where camp groups choose from a  list of games and activities. After lunch, there is a third activity period and then it is off to swimming!  Swim instruction for thirty minutes and free swim time are an important part of camp.   Campers are grouped for swimming based on ability.  The swim program is run by a certified lifeguard.  
  • What are some of the games and activities?

    Each camp week has a theme:
    • Week 1: Welcome Week!
    • Week 2: Hun Olympics  
    • Week 3: Safari Week  
    • Week 4: Island Adventures  
    • Week 5: Hun Camp Has Talent!
    During the themed week, campers will participate in themed art projects, games, activities, special food, and celebrations.  Some of the favorite days will continue such as Water Sports Day, the Mask Parade,  Hun Olympics Day, and the annual Talent Show and Sleepover. Campers choose their own activities and participate with their group.  Popular activities are archery, kickball, tennis baseball, pillow polo, art, crafts, board games, flag football, soccer, nature walk, fishing, prison dodge, Rambo, commando, or dodgeball during the activities periods.    
  • Do you have special instructional activities?

    We have partnered with TGA, Tennis Golf Academy, to bring golf and tennis lessons to campers for half-day morning sessions, half day afternoon sessions, or full days, beginning June 26th. Campers may coordinate a half day of camp with golf or tennis for a memorable camp experience! Instructions take place at our tennis courts and grassy areas near Russell Hall. There is an additional fee for golf or tennis.  

    In weeks 4 and 5 of Hun Camp, campers are welcome to participate in our Hun Soccer Camp or Hun Baseball Camp in half or full days. Both camps are directed by our varsity coaches.
  • How can I enroll in camp?

    Camp enrollment is done through online registration.  Just follow the prompts to enroll. A valid credit card is needed for enrolling.   
  • What is the counselor to camper ratio?

    Our average camper to counselor ratio is 10:1. However, during some weeks the groups may be smaller, or a little larger, but do not exceed twelve campers per group.
  • Who are your counselors?

    Director Rich Volz has been with the camp since 2004. Rich is also chair of the School’s English Department, coaches junior varsity baseball, and is a Hun School alumnus.  Each group has one adult counselor and most are Hun School teachers, alumni, or adult staff.  We also employ junior counselors chosen from a large group of qualified applicants, most who are current Hun School students or were a camper for many years.
  • Does the camp provide swim instruction?

    We provide daily swim instruction and supervised swim at an indoor pool.  The Red Cross certifies our swim instructors as Water Safety Instructors. Lifeguards are also certified with lifeguard training and most have their CPR certification as well. The Hun School provides lifeguards and swimming instructors.
  • Do you offer before-camp care or after-camp care?

    Yes, our “More Camp” runs from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.  and allows campers to continue to participate in games, sports, and activities run by camp staff. We give campers a safe and fun environment to gear up for camp, or calm down from a busy day of fun.  The fee for a week of morning sessions is $30 and the fee for a week of afternoon sessions is $60.  Pre-registration and payment is required for More Camp and can be done through online registration for each specific week.
  • My child is allergic to bee stings and needs to have an EpiPen with him. Does the camp offer assistance with that?

    Yes, we ask that parents complete the health form for your child during online registration.  If your child has an allergy and needs an epipen, you will need to provide the epipen in its original packaging and instructions for use signed by a physician on the first day of your child’s camp experience.  Your child’s group counselor will carry the epipen for your child to and from all activities throughout the day. It is best that the camp keep the epipen and packaging throughout the week, or weeks that your child attends camp so it is at the camp at all times.
  • Is there a nurse on duty?

    We have a Registered Nurse on duty every day of camp.  Our nurses are equipped to take care of any camp situation.  Campers who feel ill, or need more nurse care than a first aid kit can provide will be escorted to the nurse’s office.
  • How can I receive the camp information by mail?

    If you want to receive information by mail, please send us your complete mailing address at We can provide a comprehensive booklet on the summer programs planned for 2017. However, details on all the camps and online registration is available on our website.
  • How can I pay for camp?

    Camp is paid for with a credit card, check or debit card. Our online registration portal accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 

    Final payments can be made with a credit card, or personal check payable to The Hun School of Princeton and sent to Summer Programs Office, The Hun School of Princeton, 176 Edgerstoune Rd., Princeton, NJ  08540
  • My child does not attend The Hun School during the regular school year, but can he or she still register for day camp?

    Yes, the summer programs at The Hun School are open to any child as long as he or she meet the age requirements for the programs.  Some of the summer school classes and upper-level math classes have prerequisites or age restrictions.  
  • My child wants to attend camp but as a parent I would like some academics. Can a camper enroll in academics and camp?

    Yes, If your child is middle-school age, 11 to 13, students can take a morning class from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. The 8:00 a.m. classes are Middle School Creative Writing, SSAT and Study Skills, and Middle School Pre-Algebra. After class, students can go to Hun Camp for activities, lunch, and swimming. 
  • What is the deposit for camp?

    Camp deposits are $100 per week for a full day of camp or $50 per week for a half day of camp.  
  • When is final payment due?

    Final payment is due by Thursday, June 1, 2017.  We encourage parents to enroll their child as soon as possible so final payments can be made by this deadline. All payments are made through the online registration portal by logging back into your family account.
  • Can I sign up for selected weeks of camp?

    Campers can sign up for selected weeks during the five-week camp season. Weeks do not have to be consecutive, however, we encourage consecutive weeks.  Because we are striving to create a sense of community, we encourage campers to enroll in a two-week minimum camp experience.   Camp begins  Monday, June 26th and ends with our Annual Talent Show and Sleepover on Thursday, July 27th for a total of five weeks.  
  • Can I add weeks after I have registered?

    Weeks can be added as long as there is availability.  We recommend two week minimum for camp as this allows continuity within the camp group and provides a more enjoyable time for the camper. To add weeks, you simply log back into the camp registration portal with the username and password you created when first registering. Changes to camp weeks after June 1st are subject to a $50 processing fee.
  • Can I reserve a spot for camp by calling or emailing?

    We do not hold spots for camp.  All enrollments are through online registration.  But please feel free to call us at (609) 921-7600 or email us  with any questions about the enrollment process, or with any questions about camp in general.
  • I have more than one child who wants to enroll in day camp. Do you offer any discounts?

    A 10% discount is offered to April 3rd. This discount will apply to each week of camp, along with the morning Before Camp Care or the After Camp Care. Each camper will have to have a separate application completed so we have the necessary personal information for each camper. Returning campers will also receive a 10 percent discount. However, discounts cannot be combined.
  • How are campers placed into groups?

    Campers are placed into groups based on age and gender, not grade level.  We will try to accommodate special group requests, but we cannot guarantee these placements.
  • When will the 2017 camp information be available?

    Information on all our programs is available now at: You can contact with any questions you might have.

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